Many of us with ancestors from the British Isles have discovered that they traveled to other parts of the British Commonwealth at some point in their lives. This may have been for work with the British India Company, as part of their military deployment to South Africa, or India. It may have been that they were transported as a penal sentence and ended up in Australia or Canada. They may have chosen to emigrate to any of these four countries in hopes of a better life for themselves and their families.

To enhance our British Institute experience, we are offering a Virtual Commonwealth. While this won’t offer the research time that the BI does and while connecting virtually isn’t quite as gratifying as enjoying lunch with a research buddy, it does broaden the base in terms of people who are able to attend.

We have many members who want the learning experience but for a variety of reasons, aren’t able to travel to SLC. Attending a virtual institute allows them to take part in the learning, the opportunity to connect with other attendees and with our speakers, and to pace themselves so that the time away from family, work or other responsibilities is limited.

Virtual learning is the NOW big thing. It allows people to learn, to be comfortable, to save on travel, accommodation and meals. And it allows us, as a society, to broaden the learning resources we offer to our members. We can invite speakers who are top in their field of research but who also aren’t able to travel – perhaps due to their very busy schedules. Virtual learning is a win-win-win. For our members, for the society and for our instructors.

While the Institute launches the week of March 16-19, access to the learning is extended to April 30th to allow you to watch during waking hours in your time zone. It also allows  you to go back and re-watch the presentations since there is such a wealth of information provided that you will want to listen again and again.



Join us online March 16-19 for a Virtual Institute assisting you to research your Commonwealth Ancestors. Each day is dedicated to a different country. Each presenter will provide 4 presentations on researching in their country of expertise.

Kathryn Lake Hogan
Researching Canadian Ancestors

Sue McNelly
Researching South African Ancestors

Emma Jolly
Researching British India Ancestors

Kerry Farmer
Researching Australian Ancestors

$70 (USD) per day or $249 for all 4 days.
Registration allows you access to recordings of the presentations until April 30th.

Registration is limited, register today to hold your place.


Each day, there will be four presentations. The presentations are all pre-recorded and will be released on a timed basis – just like an in-person conference. After each presentation, the speaker will be available LIVE in our closed Facebook group where she will answer your questions. There will be a short break and then the next presentation will start.

There will be a lunch break after the second session’s question period. Then the afternoon will begin with session three.

THURSDAY will begin in the late afternoon. This is so that our speaker, Kerry Farmer, who lives in Australia, can be available LIVE in the Facebook group to answer your questions.

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